Legal Advisory Transactions and Blue Card 

Our companyreaches the fastest result in all transactions related to citizenship with its experienced education and legal team. Persons who have citizenship of the Republic of Turkey or another country by birth, must obtain a blue card from the citizenship of the Republic of Turkey in order to benefit from foreign student status. We carry out all legal procedures until the student receives his blue card, including the Kaza-i Rust lawsuit process.

What is Kaza-i Rust?

In terms of children who have completed the age of 15, the maturity requirement can be achieved through "maturity" in accordance with Article 12 of the Turkish Civil Code No. 7421. Article 12 of the Turkish Civil Code is as follows: “A minor who has completed the age of fifteen can be made adult by the court upon his own will and with the consent of his guardian.” This process is called Kaza-i Rust.

How to File a Kaza-i Rust Case?

The process of becoming an adult will be carried out with a case of Kaza-i Rust, which will be filed without an opponent, at the Civil Court of Peace in the settlement of the minor to be made adult. Consent of the child and the parent is required. It will be understood by the court that the parents and a little resting have given their consent. In the lawsuit to be filed, documents related to foreign citizenship and concrete evidence showing that the client has an interest in the lawsuit must be submitted in the annex of the lawsuit petition.

What is a Blue Card?

It refers to the official document that is given to the descendants of those who lose their Turkish citizenship by obtaining permission to become a Turkish citizen by birth and that they can benefit from the rights specified in the said article and given to their descendants as specified in article 28 of the Turkish Citizenship Law dated 29.05.2009 and numbered 5901.

Rights that Blue Card Holders Cannot Benefit From

  • Right to vote and to be elected
  • Right to import vehicles or household goods
    • The right to hold substantive and permanent public service posts based on a staff and subject to a regime of public law
    • It is summarized in the law as the principle of being subject to the provisions of the relevant law in the use of rights related to social security.
    • The law also states that Blue Card holders are not obliged to do their military service.
    • What Rights Do Blue Card Holders Have in Turkey?

      ·       Unlike foreign nationals, they can reside in Turkey without obtaining a residence permit.

      ·       They can work in the private sector in Turkey without the need for a work permit.

      ·       They can work as workers, temporary workers or contracted personnel in public institutions and organizations, but they cannot work as permanent staff. They cannot hold primary and permanent public service positions.

      ·       They can buy and sell real estate in Turkey. The blue card can be used as a stand-alone identity card in land registry transactions.

      ·       There is no obstacle for blue card holders who have sufficient debt terms and age to receive a pension.

      ·       They can benefit from the state contribution in individual retirement.

      ·       They can register their phones brought from abroad.

      ·       They can get e-Devlet password.

      ·       They can apply for BIMER.

      ·       They can participate in public tenders as local participants.

      ·       Disabled people with blue cards can buy a vehicle by benefiting from the special consumption tax deduction, just like Turkish citizens.

      ·       They can practice tourist guiding as a profession.