Halic University Foreign Student

Haliç University is improving itself more and more each year in the recruitment of foreign students. It is a city university founded in 1998. Located in the city center, Haliç University continues to attract great interest from foreign students. The number of foreign students choosing Haliç University is increasing every year. Apply now and take advantage of special quotas.

Haliç University, which hosts the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the Engineering, the Conservatory, the School of Physical Education and Sports and the School of Health Sciences, offers special opportunities to foreign students.

Foreign students who prefer Haliç University show great interest in the Faculty of Medicine of the university. Please fill in the application form to take advantage of the special quotas and to reserve your place.

In addition to undergraduate programs, Haliç University, which offers Doctorate and Master's programs with and without thesis, offers its students the chance to study with academics who are famous and well-known in their profession, who guide their period and today.

Haliç University Foreign Student Application

In order to complete your Haliç University Foreign Student application, you need to fill in the Haliç University - Foreign Student Application Form on our page and upload the necessary documents to the system. At the registration stage, you must submit the originals of these documents to the university.


HALIC University YOS Admission & Acıbadem University SAT Admission

HALIC University offers high scholarship rates to foreign students with yös and sat points. This is very important for international students who want to study at HALIC University.

Discounted admissions can be obtained with HALIC university yös and HALIC university sat.

TRYÖS: These are the exams that foreign students take in order to study at university in Turkey. TRYÖS (Turkish Foreign Student Exam)

SAT : SAT is an internationally recognized university entrance exam. This exam, which stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test (Educational Aptitude Test), is an important step for students who want to continue their education at elite universities in the USA and European countries.

ACT: ACT (American College Testing) and SAT (Scholastic Assessment Testing) are tests based on measuring the abilities of high school graduates who aim to receive education at an academic level. In order to be accepted to many colleges and universities abroad, especially in America and Canada, it is required to have sufficient scores from the ACT and SAT exams. Some universities in countries other than the United States and Canada also accept the ACT and SAT exams.

Foreign Student – Documents required for registration:

Copy of identity card

Copy of High School Diploma (If your high school diploma is not in Turkish or English, you have to translate it to either of them.)

Transcript (Official transcript of the chart showing high school courses and grades)

Copy of English Proficiency Certificate (required for English Business and American Culture and Literature departments). English Proficiency certificate is not required for application to other departments.

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