Bilgi University was established in 1996 by the Bilgi Foundation for Education and Culture. Bilgi University is very popular among foreign students from many regions of the world. Bilgi University aims to be an international university. The university has always made it a mission to train well-equipped personnel, to the benefit of technical production and technological developments.

Factors such as student exchange programmes, experienced academic staff, and international standing are influencing foreign students' preference for Bilgi University. Bilgi University ranks third among the foundation universities in Turkey according to the Impact Rankings 2021 rankings. In the results of the Turkey Universities Satisfaction Survey (TÜMA) 2020, it was among the high-quality universities with high satisfaction. In addition, Bilgi University is accredited by WSCUC, one of the most prestigious accrediting institutions in the world. Bilgi University has become the only accredited educational institution of Turkey.


Bilgi University has three campuses: Centralistanbul, Köstepe and Dolabdeir. Bilgi University meets the academic, social and cultural needs of international students through its campus located in the city center. The University of Central Istanbul is located on the shore of the Golden Horn. This campus has an area of more than 5000 square meters in a huge green area. There are faculties, deans, lecture halls, classrooms, library, conference rooms, museums, sports areas, and social activities on campus.

The Kustepe Campus is located five minutes away from Sisli - Mecidiyekoy. Associate degree programs are located on the Koçepa campus. Dolabdra Campus is located 10 minutes away from Taksim district, which is considered the center of Istanbul. The Bilgi University - Dolabdra campus was awarded the “Building and Living Environment” award in 2002. All university campuses are located at the central point. This position is instrumental in selecting international students for Bilgi University.


Bilgi University provides sufficient quotas for international students in all its Bachelor and Associate degree programmes. The faculties of law, architecture, engineering and natural sciences are the faculties most preferred by international students.


Istanbul Bilgi University YOS Admission & Istanbul Bilgi University SAT Admission

Istanbul Bilgi University offers high scholarship rates to foreign students with yos and sat scors. This is very important for international students who want to study at Istanbul Bilgi University.  Bilgi University offers excellent scholarship opportunities for international students. Scholarships of up to 75% are offered to international students. If you want to be accepted into Bilgi University at very discounted and advantageous rates, you can fill out the application form and contact us via the WhatsApp support line. We guarantee scholarships and admission to every student at affordable rates. Our team will submit your application and send the acceptance letter within 24 hours. We continue to support you at every stage of your college life through our expert education advisors.


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