Medipol University was founded in 2009 by the Education, Health and Research Foundation of Turkey (SETA). Medipol University has been one of the preferred universities for international students since its establishment. The university aims to be a leading educational institution with its institutional values, innovative educational system, experienced academic staff and an open structure for continuous improvement.

International students show great interest in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Health Sciences at Medipol University. The main reason for this is Medipol Hospitals Group. Medipol University has 10 hospitals of its own. Students get internship and employment opportunities in university hospitals you can learn medipol university tuition fee by filling the information form.


International students who prefer Medipol University study in the North and South Kavacik Campus, Bagcilar Campus and Khalih Campus. Medipol Mega Hospital is located in the Bağcılar Campus. Here, training courses and internships for students are held. The Bağcılar Campus, which houses 4 different hospitals such as Cardiovascular Surgery, General Hospital, Oncology and Dental Hospital, enables students to gain professional practice and experience.

Kavacik campus is located in a very central location on the Anatolian side. Since the campus is located next to the Beykoz forests, it is intertwined with nature. Within this huge campus, there are areas to meet all kinds of needs of foreign students such as faculties, deans, library amphitheater and classrooms, laboratories, dormitories, sports activity fields, parking facilities.

The Golden Horn campus is located in Surici, the heart of the European side. The campus attracts attention with its innovative architecture. Being close to Istanbul's historical heritage provides foreign students the chance to get to know the city and discover its beauties.


Medipol University offers enough quota for international students in every college and college. Medipol University offers international students the opportunity to study in 71 undergraduate programs in 13 faculties. In addition, with 79 associate degree programs, it creates a wide range of departments for international students you can also apply to medipol university apply


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