Kadir Has University was established in 1997 by Kadir Has Foundation. Based on the principle of being a global university, Kadir Has University is one of the most preferred universities by foreign students. Kadir Has University is ranked first in the results of the Foreign Student Satisfaction Survey (YOMA)

Kadir Has University aims to provide the best professional education to foreign students and prepare them for business life. The university reveals that it differs from other universities in its understanding and educational structure. There is no such thing as mid- and final stress at Kadir Has University. This situation makes foreign students prefer Kadir Has University more. It creates an innovative educational model with its basic educational system. Since it is a project-based educational model, international students have the opportunity to apply all their theoretical knowledge.


Kadir Has University is located in the heart of Istanbul with its seaside campus in Cepali. Kadir Has University provides all academic, social and cultural opportunities to international students through its state-of-the-art campus. 

The Cibali campus has an area of more than 45,000 square meters. Within this gigantic structure are faculties, institutes, dean's offices, rector's office, lecture halls, classrooms, laboratories, research centers, conference center, sports activities areas, food and beverage, and socialization areas.

The historical architecture of the campus and its proximity to all the cultural, artistic and historical riches of Istanbul is a unique opportunity for foreign students. Kadir Has University offers international students the opportunity to continue their university education in the heart of Istanbul and get to know the city closely from all its aspects.


Kadir Has University offers quotas for foreign students in 5 faculties and 22 departments. These are: Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, Faculty of Communication, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Art and Design.


Kadir Has University YOS Admission & Kadir Has University SAT Admission

Kadir Has University offers high scholarship rates for foreign students with USS and SAT points. This is very important for international students who want to study at Istanbul Kultur University. 

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Kadir Has University offers excellent study opportunities for international students. Scholarships of up to 75% are offered to international students. If you want to get admission in Kadir Has University at very special and discounted prices, you can contact us via the WhatsApp support line. We guarantee scholarships and admission to every student at affordable rates. Our team will submit your application and send the acceptance letter within 24 hours. We continue to support you at every stage of your college life through our expert education advisors.

We offer high scholarship rates, reasonable prices and a guarantee of prompt admission into the departments of Law, Computer Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechatronics, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Architecture, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, Psychology, Business Administration, International Trade and Finance for Foreign Students without Examination. , Information Systems Management.

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